About SoVA CME

The SoVA Center of Manufacturing Excellence (SoVA CME) provides hands-on advanced training in welding, precision machining, and industrial maintenance/mechatronics leading to advanced and specialty certifications from national accrediting bodies (American Welding Society, National Institute of Metalworking Skills, National Center for Construction Education and Research, Siemens). We believe training in industry is driven by two primary objectives:

  1. Deliver highly effective training that will immediately impact productivity, and;
  2. Deliver the training quickly and efficiently to get manpower back into production as soon as possible.

SoVA CME leverages its collaborative partnerships with Danville Community College (DCC) and Southside Virginia Community Colleges (SVCC) to serve an 11 county region in Southern Virginia.  In order to prepare for the SoVA CME’s advanced training, students should first obtain their foundational skills in industrial maintenance/mechatronics, welding, and precision machining through one of the community colleges:  DCC or SVCC.


In 2012, the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission (TRRC) partnered with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (C-CAM) to commission the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to develop a plan for workforce development in southern and southwest Virginia. The BCG, in its report released January 2013, found the tobacco region has the opportunity to develop an advanced manufacturing hub focused on aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery. Along with the region’s current employers, BCG estimates there will be an additional 6,840 job openings in manufacturing by the year 2017. There is a critical shortage of 1,045 medium skilled workers, with the jobs in greatest demand being welders, machinists, and industrial maintenance mechanics.

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