What is the SoVA Center of Manufacturing Excellence?

The SoVA Center of Manufacturing Excellence (SoVA CME) is an innovative workforce preparation initiative designed to provide advanced and specialty level training in industrial maintenance (“mechatronics”), precision machining, and welding. The SoVA CME is a collaborative opportunity to advance the region’s advanced manufacturing workforce and is supported by industry and educational partners across the Southern Virginia region.

Who are the Partners?

In 2014 the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) was awarded funding to develop and operate the SoVA CME by the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification Community Revitalization Commission (TICR) with support from the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (C-CAM). Education partners include Danville Community College and Southside Virginia Community College. Industry partners include small, medium, and large manufacturing and supply chain companies across the Southern Virginia region.

Why are the training programs offered through the SoVA CME important?

The SoVA CME training programs address the regional “skills gap” identified by labor market experts, including the Boston Consulting Group (2012). The Southside Planning District Commission has noted that a well-prepared workforce is critical to economic development, to support existing industry and to attract new industry.

What are the program durations?

The SoVA CME training programs are designed to be short (one year or less) and are “modular” in nature so that individuals can train in specific areas of need.

What credentials can individuals earn through the SoVA CME?

Individuals completing training through the SoVA CME can earn assessment-based, industry-recognized credentials through the American Welding Society (AWS) and Siemens Corporation.

Will I earn a degree from SoVA CME?

SoVA CME will not be a degree granting institution. However, you will earn nationally recognized, industry certification that are desired by employers.

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