SoVA CME Trainers Earn Internationally Recognized Siemens Certification, Prepare to Offer Certified Mechatronics Training at SVHEC

Soyars, Gordon Siemens CertificationSoVA Center of Manufacturing Excellence staff Will Soyars, Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics Program Leader and Ricky Gordon Programs Technician, recently completed Siemens Level 1 Mechatronics Instructor training. The certification is recognized in the United States and around the world as the gold-standard in mechatronics certification. With this new credential, Soyars and Gordon are now able to offer Siemens Mechatronics Level 1 training to industrial maintenance mechanics, and employers in southern Virginia.

“I’m excited about what we learned, and even more excited to begin offering this to our regional employers,” Soyars said. “The mechatronics training leads to Siemens certification, which is a verified credential accepted world-wide. This is ideal for companies who want a world class workforce in industrial maintenance,” he continued.

Soyars and Gordon joined traveled to Motlow Community College in Symrna, Tennessee where they joined participants from across the United States for the intensive training. Their instructors came from the Siemens Technik Academie (STA), an international technical college within the Siemens Professional Education in Berlin, Germany. The Level 1 Mechatronics certification Soyars and Gordon earned is recognized internationally. Industrial maintenance/mechatronics students who train at the SoVA Center of Manufacturing Excellence will also receive this internationally recognized credential.

Industrial maintenance refers to the repair and upkeep of equipment and machinery used in an industrial setting.

Mechatronics takes a “systems approach” to industrial maintenance where electrical, mechanical, and computer functions are viewed as one unit instead of separate functions. By taking a systems approach, students are better able to understand industrial equipment and manufacturing processes. This leads to more efficient troubleshooting and faster repairs.

“The key point for industry to understand is that Siemens Mechatronics training is not about Siemens equipment or products. The training teaches the concepts and skills you should know as an entry-level industrial mechanic. Today, Siemens is the only one with a certification for that,” Soyars stated.

The SoVA Center of Manufacturing Excellence provides hands-on training leading to certification in industrial maintenance/mechatronics, welding, and precision machining. Soyars and Gordon are available to provide all levels of industrial maintenance/mechatronics instruction. “Training is customized and taught to Siemens standards to allow for maximum flexibility. We can teach the entire system or just one component of it like electricity or PLCs. If an individual only takes PLC training now for example, he or she can return for additional training in the future and won’t have to repeat any of the prior training,” Soyars explained.

Soyars went on to say that industrial maintenance is a good career choice because so many of the current technicians are reaching retirement age. “If an industry has equipment, they have to have someone to maintain it. They need qualified, trained technicians, and we’re here to help meet that need.”

For more information on industrial maintenance/mechatronics training offered through the SoVA Center of Manufacturing Excellence visit, email or call 434-572-5475.

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